Mergers, Acquisitions, and Capital Transactions Advisory Support


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Avant Advisory Group combines advisory and hands on structuring expertise with capital market capabilities to support successful mergers, acquisitions and financing transactions for the benefit of our middle-market clients. With the goal of maximizing value, we work with private equity firms, corporate and strategic acquirers, and family office funds to provide objective and expert assessment at any point in the transaction lifecycle.

We bring an interdisciplinary team of operationally and financially experienced and credentialed merger and acquisition advisors and intermediaries, who are: Certified M&A Advisors (CM&AA), Certified Merger & Acquisition Professionals (CM&AP), Certified Public Accountants with specialized financial forensic credentials (CFF), and Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs), Certified Board Advisors, and Certified Corporate Directors. As former owners / entrepreneurs, investors, and financial and operating executives we have deep understanding of the needs and objectives of both owner / sellers and buyer / investors. That allows us to seamlessly integrate experience and credentialed expertise in providing well informed and wise investment decisions.

Avant offers deep professional experience and expertise to assess strategy, synergy, and cash flows. Our team has performed hundreds of due diligence (both quality of earnings and quality of operations) engagements to identify risks and contingencies and aggressive or inappropriate accounting that affected normalized cash flows. Our depth of knowledge, experience, and expertise facilitate the successful and quick close of transactions, when warranted. But, we have also surfaced risks, issues, and concerns – even including fraudulent accounting and financial reporting. Without question, value has been preserved and loss was prevented by our proactive identification of those “deal breakers.”

When performing meticulous and comprehensive financial and business due diligence that is well beyond the routine, or in offering independent and objective transaction advisory services, or in post-merger integration and implementation assistance, Avant always provides value.

In addition to being willing to participate or co-invest in the right situations, following are a sample of M&A related services:

  • Operational and financial due diligence – Quality of earnings and quality of operations
  • Buy side advisory
  • Sell side advisory, including reverse diligence and sale preparation
  • Target identification
  • Financial and cash flows modeling
  • Deal structuring
  • Financing intermediary and capital raising
  • Strategy formulation
  • Background investigations
  • Post-merger integration planning and implementation
  • Determination of purchase accounting